Rikmun’s Customization Project – 1:64 Porsche 911 GT3RS, 911R, Martini GT3RS


rl_911gt3rs-2Hotwheels recently came out with one of the hottest supercars from Stuttgart, Porsche’s 911 GT3RS. As you can see the first colour rolled out from their factory is in Lava Orange (which lacks a lot of colour tonality and is basically red here). The car comes bare with no extra details except for the rear ” GT3RS” logo.

rl_911gt3rs-5As you know by now, there will never be a stock Hotwheels car on my workbench/display cabinet and therefore I set out to work on them. For the project this time around, I decided to work on three cars. This would be an improvised version of the 991 GT3RS – one with Martini livery, one 911R and the most elaborate being a modified candy lime green 911 GT3RS in Porsche’s Paint-To-Sample colour with customized canards, ducktail and completed with a set of “Rotiform” styled wheels.

The first step is always to sand away the mold lines and to slice off those chunky rear spoilers.

rl_911gt3rs-7Next, sanding the original spoiler and shaping them to take the shape of Porsche’s ducktail:

rl_911gt3rs-8With the improvised 911 GT3RS, I had to reconstruct the rear spoiler as the original version was much too thick – comparable to the bricks in the walls of my house. This takes some time and precision to get right:

rl_911gt3rs-10For the 911R, the gaps had to be filled in the front vented fender:

rl_911gt3rs-9With the bodywork completed, the cars had to the painted with primer, before being colour coated:

rl_911gt3rs-13rl_911gt3rs-19The three cars have stripes and livery that I designed and printed out on waterslide decals, before application.

rl_911gt3rs-20Then working on touching up minor details using arcrylic paints:

rl_911gt3rs-23And… result!

rl_911gt3rs-1Here’s a look at the difference between the original Hotwheels GT3RS spoiler and the one which I fabricated:

rl_911gt3rs-39And finally the 991-series in 1/64 is finally complete! Which one is your favourite?

rl_911gt3rs-40Here’s a step-by-step pictorial of my workflow for this project. Please share your thoughts and feedback with me in comments below!


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  1. Great work on the 1/64!

    Love the attention to detail, however if I could humbly suggest, perhaps adding some Porsche logo symbol in the middle of the rims would do wonders for it 🙂

    Just my 2cents


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