Renault’s Alpine is back!


The Renault-owned brand has recently unveiled the Alpine Vision concept show car during a special event held in Monte Carlo as a connection to the classic Alpine’s rally success. Being true to the legendary Alpine A110 Berlinette that is still loved and admired by enthusiasts around the world, the concept is a preview of what is to come before the end of this year. The Vision concept is an evolution of last year’s Celebration concept, which according to Alpine, its design is 80% close to the production version.

CHR3972There are no official details on what lies under the skin of this sexy beast as of yet, but reports are indicating that it will use the turbocharged 1.6-liter gasoline unit from the Clio R.S. and may see a bump in capacity of up to 1.8 liters and will develop approximately 250 horsepower as standard. The range-topping model is expected to generate as much as 300 hp. The engine’s output will be channeled to the rear axle with help from a seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox that will likely be the sole offering.

CHR3964Alpine describes the Vision concept as being a “high-performance, elegant, lightweight car dedicated to driving pleasure in its very purest form.” where the Vision concept is a mid-engine sports car with emphasis on a lightweight construction. Rumor has it that the road-going version could weigh as little as 1,100 kilograms.

CHR4010The new Alpine will be assembled with other Renault R.S. models in the company’s Dieppe plant and will go on sale in Europe in 2017, followed by other markets worldwide.

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