Awesome BBS now replaced by 10-spoke VMR Wheels!


VMR V701 (1)

Just a super quick update on the r3GTI again. Itchy backside syndrome meant I made the decision to swap my BBS CK for this set of VMR V701s. Had them installed today, but have not yet had time to take some proper pictures. Nevertheless, I’m really happy with the way they fit the car.

VMR Wheels have a great variety of wheels for VW makes, and their website is definitely worth checking out. At least in this part of the world , their V703, V710 and V810 are popular options, especially since they closely resemble wheels from BBS, and since I wanted to move away from that design, I decided to go with V701s instead. In fact, if you really think about it, these are similar to Sparco’s Asseto Gara that were fitted on my Polo GTI. I guess I’m at least consistent this way, eh?

Just in case you were wondering what happened to my set of BBS CK, they sold very very quickly. They’ll eventually be fitted on a Mk5 GTI so they’ll be put to good use. In the meantime, what do you think of my decision to change my wheels? Let me know in comments below. Just keep in mind the trigger has already been pulled, so its already too late!

VMR V701 (2)


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