The BRABUS G700 6×6 RHD – microsite and promotional video is up!


Waking up this morning and wondering how to set yourself apart from the crowd? Our friends at Naza World announced last year that they’ll be bringing in a limited edition run of the Brabus G700 6×6, a massive six-wheeler (!) that can take on anything you throw at it – the streets, muddy trails, sand dunes. Yes, also a big chunk out of your pocket. The gargantuans were spotted arriving in Malaysia some months back, and will cost a whopping RM3.2 million, and that’s before taxes!

Based off the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG with a V8 5.5 liter bi-turbo powerplant, the German tuning house Brabus waves its magic wand and pulls out another 154HP of power and 176Nm of torque right out of its top hat. That’s a 22% and 18% gain respectively in overall figures from the G63 AMG version, for a total output of 708HP and 970Nm. This behemoth tips the scales at 3.8 tons, but what is truly scary is the 7.4 seconds it takes for the 6×6 to complete the century sprint.

To put the its colossal size into perspective, the Toyota Hilux spans at 1855mm wide; the G700 measures almost an additional one-fourth of a meter at 2110mm. Now the length – the Hilux measures 5330mm whereas the G700 sets it at 5880mm – no doubt you’ll be living large in this regard. And don’t let that spartan, carbon fiber exterior appearance fool you; almost every interior surface is laid out with luxury materials, intricately upholstered and stitched in premium leather with 15 overall designs to suit your fancy.

Naza World will only be bringing in 15 of these, all in right hand drive and these units in particular will only be the 15 in the world in such a configuration. How’s that for exclusivity?

Check out the microsite of the Brabus G700 6×6 here, and the promotional video shot in the streets and sand dunes, all right here in Malaysia!


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