Visiting Lamborghini KL, then running into an old V12


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Swung by Lamborghini KL a little while back, painfully aware that I have yet to give the all-new Huracan a go. Having already driven the 458 Speciale and 650S, I’m really raring to have a go in the baby Bull, to get an idea of how she compares against her closest rivals.

Anyway, more interesting was this Diablo SV that was hiding way at the back. Some of you will be familiar with current V12 Lamborghinis that carry the SV badge – Super Veloce, which typically means more power, at a more premium price along with exclusivity, as modern SVs are produced in limited numbers. However, the SV in the Diablo actually denotes Sport Veloce, and whilst the model maintained that bump in power (510hp/580Nm, up from 492hp/580Nm, and sent to the rear wheels), the Diablo SV was actually priced as and entry level model in the Diablo range.

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As you can see from our picture, this particular example does not have the rear spoiler, which was supposed to come as standard on the SV. Naturally, we are unsure of the car’s provenance, but the car looks to have good bodywork, and after some further digging around, has undergone some pretty major service bills to being her back to full and complete health. Believe that this car was the later, facelifted SV which lost the “pop-up” headlamps, gained new 18″ wheels, an updated interior, larger brakes, along with a bump in power – now 529hp/605Nm!

Photo Nov 14, 11 18 09 AM

For an almost-20 year old car, this one certainly looks very good! Global production of the Diablo is estimated to be around 2,800 units, with the facelifted Diablo SV estimated to be around 100 units. This is literally the first time I’m seeing one in Malaysia and thought it would be cool to share!

Unfortunately, the latest baddest Lambo was not around when I swung by. Yep, the two red Aventador SVs just happened to be out. We’ve heard that a third has arrived, and hopefully, we’ll get to spend some time with them soon.


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