Rikmun’s Customization Project – 1:64 Pagani Zonda Uno


Greetings readers and apologies for the lack of content from me. It has been a hectic past few months and I’ve been tied up with studies, commissioned projects as well as other ventures. Thankfully, I have managed to slip in a personal project in between the rush of work — one that I’ve been looking forward to completing for awhile now.

This has been sitting on my to-do list for quite some time and after much delays, I have finally taken the initiative to kick-start the project. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I love the Pagani Zonda, and here is Exhibit A: a replica of one of my favourite Pagani Zondas; (Cinque will always remain as my favourite) the Zonda Uno.

The Pagani Zonda Uno was a one-off commissioned unit from Pagani which features a Zonda Cinque Roadster body with slight aesthetic changes. It is basically a Zonda Cinque Roadster painted in Turquoise. But while the Cinque made do with “just” 678 hp, the Uno’s V12 has been fettled with to produce more power – 700 hp; so not exactly the same then. The original car has turquoise headlights, turquoise rear diffusers, tinted rear lights and Italian coloured rear lights rings.

Originally built for Ana Al-Thani, a member of the Royal Family of Qatar, the car has now been sold to a new owner (@_jon_hui_). He subsequently had the front lights re-painted in black, with the rear diffusers reverted back to clear carbon, clear rear lights and Italian rear light rings removed. The car now looks exactly like how I’ve always envisioned it to be. Now, in my mind, it is perfect.

The model I choose to work on is one from Motormax’s base Pagani Zonda C12. The original paintwork is first slowly removed before the roof is chopped off the body work. Then, I installed my aero kits: side mirrors, rear spoiler, air scoops, canards and side aerodynamic parts.

Next comes the paint; I went with Tamiya Coral Blue and subsequently hand-painted the black livery, before finally adding the side Italian stripes.

For the Interior, I stuck with the theme of black and turquoise with black four-point seatbelts. Yes, I’m a sucker for sticking with the original details.

Wrapping the project up, I applied final details such as the Italian flag on the side mirrors and rear diffuser (pictured before paint was applied).

And voila, the project is completed! Here is the finished product, pictured alongside its sister, a 1:64 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster. What did you think of the build? Let me know your thoughts in comments below! To view pictures of the actual car, click on this link for the write-up by our friends at GT Spirit.




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