Cycle & Carriage and Mercedes Benz Malaysia unveil new retail brand presence in Alor Setar


Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad (C&C) and Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s (MBM) collaborative effort to elevate the customer experience continues with the unveiling of the Cycle & Carriage Alor Setar Autohaus. Embodying the new Mercedes-Benz Retail Brand Presence, the Autohaus is the first in the northern region to showcase the new concept which centres on the customer.

“Our mission to deliver ‘Exceptional Journeys’ throughout the customer journey is a continuous effort. We are embracing digital advancements to raise the benchmark of premium automotive retail and customer experience, while retaining the personal and human aspect that our customers have grown to love. In line with this commitment, we remain invested in our sites, systems and people and the Cycle & Carriage Alor Setar Autohaus is a testament to this,” said C&C CEO, Wilfrid Foo.

Dr Claus Weidner, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia said, “We congratulate the Cycle & Carriage team on the launch of this Autohaus and thank them for their dedication and partnership. The reintroduction of the Mercedes-Benz Autohaus in Alor Setar reflects our continuous effort in providing an upgraded retail experience for our northern region customers while retaining the Mercedes-Benz personality. We have merged automotive, technology, and luxury, as seen in our cars, making the retail experience just as gratifying as the drive.”

Cycle & Carriage Alor Setar Autohaus moved from its previous location to a new site, a 3S Autohaus located in a thriving township with higher traffic flow, which is supported by the development of the location. Drawing from its deep-rooted presence in Alor Setar, Cycle & Carriage remains a trusted partner serving cross-generation Mercedes-Benz owners and fans in the northern region for close to a decade. The Autohaus is supported by a team of dedicated Star Assistants, Sales Executives, Product Experts and After-sales technicians with an in-depth understanding of its northern region customers’ needs.

“We understand the value of establishing trust by first understanding the specific and personal needs of every customer who walks into a Cycle & Carriage dealership. Matching these needs promptly with the right channels, products or solutions is key and we are here to walk with customers through the entire process, as they begin their Exceptional Journey with us,” Foo explained.

Moving towards a point of experience

All retail elements of the Cycle & Carriage Alor Setar Autohaus are considered and modernized with the Mercedes-Benz Retail Brand Presence; from the welcome area, sales and service to delivery, supported collectively by a personalised approach and digital elements.

The newly launched concept also utilises the entire showroom area exclusively for customer service orientation without permanent workstations in the showroom. Leisure facilities for families such as the hospitality café is available at the Autohaus for customers to enjoy while waiting for their cars to be serviced.

Star Assistant at the welcome area

The welcome area at the Autohaus acts a single customer experience point, where processes and architecture are designed with optimal, individual customer support in mind. Each customer is a guest on an individual customer journey. The new brand presence begins the moment sales and after sales customers step into the Autohaus. The Star Assistant is the first contact for the customer in the showroom, who acts as the “first face” of the brand ensuring a welcoming atmosphere at reception.

Customers witH appointments will have their responsible consultant notified of their arrival. For customers without any prior contact with a Salesperson and with no established purchase intention, the Star Assistant will request a Product Expert and accompanies the visitor to the waiting area. At the waiting area, various seating arrangements are available, be it semi-public or a private area which can be selected flexibly for individual consultations in accordance with the preference of the customer.

New architectural concept

The new Mercedes-Benz brand presence makes it possible for the material dimension of its corporate culture and brand promise to be experienced beyond the online world. The appearance of the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Identity elements, brand architecture and interior fittings convey the brand’s values in association with its products. The same philosophy is reflected in its approach in welcoming existing and potential customers.

The architectural layout and the way media is used are designed with fundamental processes in mind. It allows the architecture, media and processes to be regarded as components of an integrated element to optimise customer experience and stage vehicle display. They work together to enable a dealership experience characterised by a high-quality visitor environment, lightings to set the ambience in the showroom, smooth processes and a contemporary consultancy concept.

Spatial boundaries within the building are kept to a minimum to deliberately create an open-space feeling. A largely transparent building façade creates a flowing transition between the interior and exterior areas.

The concept is modular in design and is oriented to the needs of customers and prospects. The flexibility and variability of the brand’s individual elements allow a high degree of spatial applications and formats. The result is a consistent application of the recognisable Mercedes-Benz Corporate Identity and Corporate Design. Furthermore, the new concept enables individual consultation and sales processes with a standardised global brand presence.

“With the upgrades, Cycle & Carriage continues to ensure our presence delivers excellence to customers throughout our network across Malaysia, delivering on our promise of ‘Exceptional Journeys’,” Foo said.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and Cycle & Carriage first introduced the new Mercedes-Benz Retail Brand Presence in Malaysia with the Cycle & Carriage Mutiara Damansara Autohaus in August 2019. Cycle & Carriage Alor Setar Autohaus is the second Autohaus in the network to embody the new concept. Two more Cycle & Carriage Autohauses are scheduled to be transformed, namely Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru and Ipoh, that are targeted to be completed by year end.


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