Driven: VW Golf GTI Mk7


I’m not usually one to say I made a mistake, but I’ve got to admit- I made a mistake. When I first drove the mk7 Golf GTI way back in 2013, I did not like the way it looked. Yes, I thought it looked more boring than its predecessor, but I take all that back now because I was very wrong.

Almost two years on, I’ve finally gotten to terms with its design cues, and I must hang my head in shame now and confess that I really, really like how it looks. If you know me, you’ll note that I’m more of an aesthetics person, than an outright performance junkie. I also like to be cocooned in relative comfort and luxury- so leather seats, high quality plastics and good interior layout are always big pluses in my books.

VW mk7 GTI_2

But yes, just before your imagination wanders, the GTI is an equally impressive candidate in the power department. The GTI7’s two-liter turbo plonks out some 220PS/350Nm which are respectable figures for any hot-hatch in today’s day and age.  If you feel that these numbers are insufficient, you’ll be glad to note that many tuners (Revo and ProArt come to mind) out there have managed to eke out 270-280PS from the same mill, with just a simple Stage 1 map. This easily bests power figures from a Stage 2 tuned GTI6!

VW mk7 GTI_4

So then, long story short — why am I going for a mk6 GTI instead of the clearly more superior mk7 GTI? Budget! the mk6s are cheap to find in the market today; I have found a suitable car, for a very decent price, and am super excited to be collecting her sometime this month. When that happens, I’ll be sure to share that here, along with a build list I already have in mind…

In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

VW mk7 GTI_3



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