The Ferrari Challenge APAC Round 4 – right here in Sepang!



The Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific 2016 Round Four was held in the Sepang International Circuit where 31 drivers from 13 countries battled it out on track to reach for the podium. With the previous round held in Abu Dhabi and the next round to be hosted on the streets of Singapore, the 6th and 7th of August was set to ignite the Malaysian track.

The team at #MTHRFKNWIN were personally at the track on the second day where we managed to capture the ambiance and atmosphere of Race 2, the second and final leg before calling it a day on the Malaysian peninsula.



The Ferrari Challenge series pits gentleman drivers from various regions against each other in a series of races. Each team gets their own race car and support crew and the champions from each region (Asia, Europe, America) will compete in the annual finals, also known as the Finali Mondiali. These championships are managed entirely by Ferrari’s Corse Clienti department, or customer racing and includes several classification groups for participants to compete in.

Temperatures were easily reaching 50 Celcius on the track on that day; the air was electric with pit crews rushing to finish last minute inspections, while drivers took every respite they could from the unrelenting sun and heat before heading out to the track. When the time finally came, the participants had themselves lined up with their race-prepped 458 Challenge cars with several minutes before go-time – this afforded us an opportunity for some brilliant photos.




The green light kicked off the start of Race 2, with the circuit reverberating from the orchestra of V8s at full throttle. Australian driver Steve Wyatt was again in pole position but had to initially contend with Indonesian Renaldi Hutasoit for first place for the Trofeo Pirelli.

Wyatt eventually displayed further ability and managed a good distance away from Hutasoit and the rest after a solid three laps, with first place in his grasp. Nevertheless, Hutasoit’s and fellow compatriot David Tjiptobiantoro’s performance was remarkable with second and third place left up to them, respectively.

Belgian driver Florian Merckx initially found himself starting at the utmost rear of the grid due to a pit-lane infringement and managed to eventually position himself in fourth place at the end of the race, including achieving the fastest lap time of 2”11.909 for the event.


For the Pirelli Am, Xin Jin from China suffered a drive-through penalty which ruined his chances of continuing his winning streak from Race 1; Huilin Han, who was trailing Xin Jin effortlessly wrestled the top podium finish whereas Eric Cheung from Canada grabbed the opportunity to take second place, leaving Xin Jin with the consolatory final spot on the podium.




The Coppa Shell concluded with Liang Wang from China maintaining his lead following stiff competition from Ken Seto from Japan and Sam Lok from Hong Kong. Both drivers attempted come-back maneuvers against Wang, to no avail as he relentlessly held on all the way to the finish line for first place for the cup. With opportunities gone, Seto went on to take second place with Lok swiftly coming in third.


The prize awarding ceremony to the winners marked the end of the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific 2016 Round 4 in Malaysia, which Round 5 will be held further down south on the island of Singapore on the 16th to 18th of September. Stay updated with the latest news of the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific 2016 here, and enjoy our pictorial coverage below!


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