Ferrari FXX-K Evo is Prancing Horse’s newest customer development toy


The Finali Mondiali provided the backdrop to the world premiere of the new FXX-K Evo which will be available both as an extremely limited-run model and as an upgrade package for the existing XX cars. This latest arrival marks a significant evolution of the XX programme launched in 2005 with cars developed specifically to play an active role in the eponymous research and development programme which itself has become a byword for innovation and uncompromising performance.

As was the case with the Evo versions of the FXX and the 599 XX, the Ferrari FXX-K Evo benefits from an extensive package that applies innovative concepts derived from all of the various track categories in which Ferrari competes with its cars: the Formula 1, GT3, GTE and Challenge, the latter being the single-make championship bearing its name.

Derived from the racing world and adopting track-specific content, the FXX-K Evo, like all the previous XX cars, is not homologated for road use and will not be used in competition outside its dedicated programme. Despite that, we have seen previous XX cars converted to legal road-going use.

Mirroring the vocation of its predecessor, it, however, is aimed at a small, highly-select group of Ferrari Clients: supercar enthusiasts eager to share the development of technologically-innovative content with the Prancing Horse technicians, through driving a closed-wheel laboratory car.


The FXX-K Evo features a highly evolved aero package, specifically designed by Ferrari engineers to push the very limits of performance. In fact, the new downforce figures are very close to the cars competing in GT3 and GTE championships; with a downforce coefficient improvement by 23% on the previous version or an equivalent 75% increase from the road car which it was based off upon. A downforce of 640kg is generated at 200km/h, and this exceeds 830kg at the FXX-K Evo’s terminal velocity. There have also been improvements with the car’s stopping power, thanks to newly redesigned front brake air intakes which are more efficient. Naturally, the car’s suspension was also re-calibrated to adapt to its new aerodynamic efficiency figures.

After undergoing around 5,000 km of development runs and 15,000 km of reliability test-drives, the FXX-K EVO will be a very active protagonist in the XX Programme in the 2018/2019 season which spans nine track outings in all between the start of March and the end of October. As is now traditional, the XX cars will also be taking part in the prestigious Finali Mondiali weekend which marks the end of each racing season.


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