Ferrari LaFerrari gets removable roof – Aperta or Spider namesake?


LaFerrari_serie_limitata_4Earlier this month, Ferrari released press images of the open-top version of the LaFerrari, the new limited edition special series. Ferrari says this car is aimed at clients and collectors alike who do not want to compromise on the joys of driving al fresco, even when behind the wheels of a supercar.

For months, many of us have been waiting for more details about this new hypercar. In fact, when Gordon Ramsay appeared on the first episode of this season’s Top Gear, he had already teased the audience when he revealed his invitation key.

Ferrari has kept mum so far, saying the name and technical characteristics of the new car will only be announced at the Paris International Motor Show (1-16 October 2016), along with actual production numbers. All we know for now is that the order books have already closed, following a special preview to selected clients months back.

LaFerrari_serie_limitata_3Ferrari have already confirmed that the new car will have the same running gear and performance, which means we can expect 950hp/900Nm from the hybrid 6.3-litre V12. Expect a century sprint of under 3 seconds and a terminal velocity close to 350km/h (we really cannot imagine going near these speeds sans roof). This new limited edition series will be available with a removable carbon-fibre hard top as well as a removable soft top.

Structural integrity will naturally be compromised once you remove the roof, but Ferrari has said that significant and extensive modifications have been made to the chassis, to retain the same torsional rigidity and beam stiffness as the coupé version. Even the car’s aerodynamics have been worked to guarantee the same drag coefficient when driving topless.

We’ve seen pictures of two LaFerraris on Malaysian soil so far (although we’ve never had the privilege of running into them). Only 499 examples of the LaFerrari were ever made, and we believe this new limited edition may see smaller production numbers. Will any arrive on Malaysian soil? Only time will tell…LaFerrari_serie_limitata_1


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