Ferrari’s BIG 5 (3/3) is finally out!


BIG5 pt3

Ferrari’s BIG 5 finally concludes this week, and if I have to be honest, I’m left a little wanting. If you haven’t already watched the video, be warned as we have some spoilers ahead!

Unsurprisingly, Salomondrin pits each Ferrari great one against the other in a drag race. It almost feels as though they are trying to prove that Ferrari have evolved greatly over time; but we already know that in most cases, newer is always faster (although not necessarily better). This is the part 4 of the Ferrari BIG 5 installment, and given that the first two videos were frankly quite mild, I was expecting the finale to have a twist.

The F40 is pitted against the 288 GTO and emerges victorious. Next, the F50 squares up against the Enzo and unsurprisingly, the newer car finishes first. The Enzo naturally wins in the drag against the F40, and although no timing numbers were revealed, it looked as though the F50 would have been pipped in a drag race against its predecessor, the F40. The last race is between the Enzo and LaFerrari and there really is no point trying to guess which is the faster car.

At this point, I’ve watched this video several times now, and I wish there were more loud revs, more hooning, more tyre smoke… damn, I think I’m having TG withdrawals. Either way, I will say it was no easy feat to assemble such an incredible line-up of Ferrari poster cars, and credit must certainly be given for both Salomondrin and David Lee to share this with the world.


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