Here’s what to do if you have a flat tyre (ft. Mina Rose)


img_9408We’ve all been there before; you’re rumbling along the road, minding your own business and boom – you pick up a puncture. What do you do now? Yes, yes – pull up to the side of the road, but then what next? There’s no shame in saying you don’t know what should happen next. Heck, I’ve been in those shoes before. So we thought we would put together a video that can help to walk you through how you should approach this problem.

Yes, we know – watching a bunch of guys change the tyres off a car can be pretty mundane. Here at #MTHRFKNWIN, we try to keep things as interesting as possible for our readers! So we asked around and managed to convince Mina Rose (IG link here) to come along to help us out. Being a make-up blogger, we thought for sure she would have no idea where to start, so we schemed to film her struggling on camera, with us sweeping in to save the day. Nope – that didn’t quite pan out the way we imagined it would.

As a quick summary, here are some quick tips for you should you run into a moment of deflation:

1. Set up your warning triangle a safe distance away to alert on-coming vehicles
2. The tools you need are usually stored in the car boot/hatch – similar to where the spare tyre is
3. Always loosen the nuts on the wheel first before you jack the car up
4. As a safety precaution, it is a good idea to slip the punctured wheel under the car
5. Be sure to check on the tyre pressure in your spare every 3-4 months
6. Practice, practice, practice – do it on a free weekend!

img_9413By now, you should know that we like to keep things interesting on this site. So thought hey- why don’t we change one tyre off a six-wheeler? There’s only one contender in this category and that is none other than the Brabus G700 6×6! There are only 15 right-hooks in the world, each one receiving Kingsman upholstery treatment – which means 15 different interior configurations, each one uniquely individual. And since all of these 15 Brabus G700 6×6 are in Malaysia, we had an easy time picking one out.

The G700 6×6 is not what you’d call small. It measures some 5.8m in length, 2.1m wide and 2.2m tall. At the heart of it all is a 5.5 litre biturbo V8 that Brabus have tweaked and tuned to churn out some 700hp and a whopping 960Nm of torque. It completes the century sprint in just 7.4 seconds, and if that doesn’t sound quick, have we mention this behemoth tips the scales at 3,850kg? Vmax is limited to just 160km/h, and all for the better. Can you imagine how much braking force would be necessary to haul all that weight to standstill, especially if it blitzed past the double ton?

photo-aug-06-2-10-36-pmSo yes – we attempt to change one, massive 37 inch tyre off a Brabus G700 6×6. We don’t think anyone have ever tried this before. Really, if you think about it, no one would probably ever need to; this beast comes complete with its own compressor to inflate or deflate each of the six tyres – perfect for just about any terrain. Punctures are highly unlikely too – those Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Radials have tri-ply construction, for maximum puncture resistance. But just for one second, play along and imagine you’re in the G700 6×6, pick up a flat, and absolutely need to change the tyre. Can it be done?

You can watch part 2 of our video below to see how this all panned out. We hope you enjoy!

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