July 2016 – fuel prices to be adjusted upwards at midnight




As we roll into the month of July, there’s going to be an increase in fuel prices, although just a tad higher.

From 1st July onwards, there will be a 5 sen increase for RON 95, RON 97, diesel and Euro 5 diesel respectively. No word yet on Petron’s Blaze RON 100 and Shell’s V-Power Racing, but we will update as soon as we find out.

Below are the adjustments for the respective fuels:

RON 95 @ RM1.75 per litre
RON 97 @ RM2.10 per litre
Diesel @ RM1.60 per litre
Euro 5 Diesel @ RM1.70 per litre

We’ve been told that some lines have formed at several petrol stations right now, so you may want to head out a little bit later to avoid the queues. In the meantime, here’s a quick historical view of fuel prices in Malaysia for 2016:



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