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It has been too long since I have properly stretched my legs — so when some friends asked if I would like to go along for a breakfast drive, I jumped at the chance. Don’t get me wrong, I typically hate waking up early on a Sunday morning; those are precious moments to get an extra bit of shut-eye, but I needed to feel alive once more.

Our group was a small one, made up of a pair of GTIs, a Boxster, an E90 M3, and the immensely capable 2014 GTR. I had no idea where our destination was; only to meet at BHP Karak at 6:30am. Note to self: always, always remember to pee just before departure. After about an hour of driving, my bladder was full and it was getting agonizing holding it in. Overheard on the walkie:

“Hey bro, are we almost there yet?”
“Yeah man, almost there.”

A complete lie of course; the remainder journey took another 70km / 45mins! But as always, these short trips are always awesome, thanks to great driving roads and good company. We ended somewhere in Negeri Sembilan for breakfast, and despite travelling some 150km, we not able to escape the haze. Unfortunately, not much opportunity to stop and take pics, but will definitely try for more pics next time.


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