Malaysia’s first road-going decayed Martini livery on Porsche’s Cayman GT4


GT4 Martini Decay (7)Have I mentioned before how much I love Porsche’s Cayman GT4? Well, that’s because I do. It is arguably one of the best mid-engine sportscars ever made and, over the course of my automotive career, the GT4 has managed to secure a seat in my personal Top 3. No small feat, considering I’ve driven a fair chunk of metal over the years.

Perhaps the only issue, and I use the word very loosely, is that the Cayman GT4 doesn’t have enough wow-factor. Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t an ugly car, just lacks the punch in face effect, especially in a sea of Porsches out on our roads today. Ahem. Problem solved. GT4 Martini Decay (1)

What started off as a fairly bland, white Cayman GT4 has turned out to be a nice bit of blank canvas, with the car’s aesthetics now getting a complete makeover. Seriously… how sick is this!?

Yes, we know there are several other cars in decayed livery in other parts of the world. In fact, there is another Cayman GT4 in decayed Martini livery running loose in the US. Skepple, the wrap’s artist from Florida, insisted that no two cars look the same and the result is in the full gallery below. Perhaps we are biased, but I do think the Malaysian build looks arguably better.

(Edit: we’ve just been informed that Skepple is from Florida and not California, and that this is officially the first decayed Martini livery he has designed).

GT4 Martini Decay (11)Workspace was generously provided by our good friends at Regal Valet, with the wrap installation carried out by local wrap specialists, Ryan and his team from SPIFF WRAPS. We’ll cut the blabber and let you enjoy our full before and after (yes, including installation!) mega-gallery below. Oh, and if you’re headed out to Sepang this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for this car. Don’t worry, it’ll be hard to miss 😉



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