Meet the team: Rikmun Lim – die-cast customizer



The #MTHRFKNTEAM is growing steadily, and I am super stoked to introduce you all to Rikmun, a die-cast collector and customizer who hails from up north, in the little town of Ipoh. I first got to know about Rikmun from a local supercar spotting group, and got to know that he is quite the automobile junkie, who is also into a bit of photography.



Not satisfied with just collecting models, he started doing research on ways to improve the looks of his model cars and moved from the simple task of detailing, to his wild customization projects which includes complete car conversions. This was easily seven years ago. Since then, Rikmun has worked on model cars from a wide range of scales – 1:64, 1:43, 1:24 as well as 1:18 and has made quite a name for himself in both local and international the die-cast scene. In fact, he gets requests from friends and customers alike, for projects on building cars to their exact, personalized specifications.He thrives at the challenge and prospect of honing his skills with each individual project.

We’re super excited to welcome Rikmun to the team here at #MTHRFKNWIN and we all look forward to reading more about his customization works. And you know what? If you have a pile of model cars just waiting to be customized… you already know who to reach out to 😉


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From supercar spotting on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Won has moved onto the realms of motoring journalism since 2011. He has a keen eye for automotive photography, a penchant for fast cars, and the occasional hunger for munching corners.


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