#MTHRFKNVLOG Ep. 1 – What’s in our name? Something, something win?


Yes, yes, yes – we get into vlogs. Unlike many of our peers in the automotive scene, we are still very, very camera shy and lack the ability of speaking free-hand for long periods of time. But we’re looking into it, so please be patient with us. Although we have committed verbally to upload one vlog each week, ahem, we may not meet this every single week. We won’t (ok, we can’t) go into 30 minutes, or even 10 minutes of videos off the bat, so we’re going to keep it short for now.

In our first episode, we go into some detail about our name. How did #MTHRFKNWIN come along, what does it really stand for and erm, what are alternate names to type in your browser should you not remember how to spell our name correctly. Yes, if you didn’t already know, you can go point your browser to itsmfw.com or even motherfuckingwin.com to get to our website. Just remember to bookmark us!

So if you want to prevent us from talking gibberish, reach out to us and ask us anything! Leave in comments here, or on YouTube, or even on Facebook; we’ll definitely look into it 😉


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From supercar spotting on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Won has moved onto the realms of motoring journalism since 2011. He has a keen eye for automotive photography, a penchant for fast cars, and the occasional hunger for munching corners.

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