New weekly fuel pricing initiative launched – here are the first week’s prices!



With the new Government’s initiative to bring quicker fuel price updates to consumers, we will now be seeing fuel price updates changed every week, starting from today until the April 5th, which we will get another revision of prices for the following week.

The good part of this new price update plan for us consumers is that petrol stations are free to set their prices lower than the weekly ceiling price, thus allowing petrol kiosk owners to gain an edge for more customers. And for us consumers – the stiffer the competition it is, the better.

Beginning today (30th March that is) RON95 will be priced down per litre to RM 2.13, RON97 at RM 2.41, standard diesel at RM 2.11 and Euro5 diesel down to RM 2.21. Let’s hope this downtrend continues.

Refer to our chart below for the difference in the previously set price.





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