One lap in Porsche’s new 911 (992) Carrera 4S around Sepang circuit


During Porsche’s Sportscar Together Day at Sepang last weekend, we had the rare opportunity to drive their latest 911 Carrera S on Sepang track. Although both C2S and C4S lined the pit-lane, we did not get the chance to drive both cars back-to-back. Nor were we given the choice to pick one between the two. We were assigned a car and that was the end of it. We’re definitely not complaining.

So, I strapped myself into the 991 Carrera 4S and went for my one lap around Sepang. As these occasions normally go, there is usually some traffic ahead as the lead car tends to “limit” the outright hoonigans (and for good reason; the cars are from the Porsche AG fleet and are LHD if you hadn’t already noticed) from any untoward incidents.

You may have also noticed that after toggling to Sport Plus mode, I left the car in automatic. Although track junkies would prefer to exert manual control over the changing of gears, our one lap shows that the car seems to know exactly what gears to be in, most of the time. Certainly an impressive feat. The car’s 450 hp and 530 Nm translated well on track; power delivery was consistently strong and seamless. This power, coupled with the immense traction and beautiful chassis set-up, is a dizzying combination. You would have to be really committed to stupid, to make mistakes behind the wheel in one of these.

Fun fact: we heard that the 911 (992) Carrera 4S managed an impressive 2m 30s around Sepang, and was told that it could have shaved off 3 seconds if the car had better tyres. As a reference point, the 911 (911.1) GT3 manages about 2m 27s around Sepang with a consistent driver behind the wheel.

And just like that, my lap was over; I was ushered out from the driver’s seat and made to hand over the reins to another motoring journalist. Porsche Malaysia, stop teasing us already! Please give us the car for a day (or two) so we can have a proper drive!


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