Petron Malaysia launches their innovative Petron Prepaid Fleet Card



The common saying goes – innovation breeds success. With fleet cards common in transportation industries, Petron Malaysia is offering corporate customers another innovative card solution to help them manage their monthly fuel expenses. Suitable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a fleet of less than seven vehicles, the Petron Prepaid Fleet Card gives customers the convenience of paying via a preloaded card.

Petron Prepaid Fleet Card is one of the safest ways to pay for fuel, as the card is protected by microchip technology and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Alongside enhanced security with every transaction, customers may also set their own fuel or credit limit and monitor and control their fuel accounts online via a real-time tracking system.

For customer convenience and hassle-free payment, the prepaid card can be used at fuel pump terminals located outdoors at the pump, or through indoor payment counters at the Treats store. To reload, Petron Prepaid Fleet Card holders can easily top up credits via cash deposit, cheque payment or via the Interbank Giro online transfer every month or as required.

Apart from the benefits of cashless payment, Prepaid Fleet Card holders can also earn Petron Miles points every time they gas up. Using the Petron Prepaid Fleet Card, customers earn 1 point for every ringgit spent on fuel.

“As part of our efforts to lead in giving customer convenience, we are delighted to bring this innovative payment option for our customers. Our mission is to help our customers manage their fleet better by enabling a cashless payment system. Our prepaid card comes with many benefits – it is secure, convenient, enables greater control and easy acceptance at any payment terminals,” said Pn Faridah Ali, Head of Retail.

To request for the Petron Prepaid Fleet Card, customers are required to fill up a form which is available at any Petron service stations. Forms should be submitted together with the company’s Business Registration Form to the Petron Malaysia headquarters. It takes about 2 weeks to receive cards upon successful application.

The Petron Fleet Card eliminates the hassle of dealing with cash transactions, while having access to Petron’s premium fuels through over 570 Petron service stations nationwide.


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