Pilota Ferrari Around the World Malaysia makes a comeback at the Sepang International Circuit



The drivers’ program ‘Pilota Ferrari Around the World Malaysia’ has recently made a sensational return, with a group of bright-eyed Ferrari owners successfully completing a day of masterful driving at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC).

‘Pilota Ferrari Around the World’, an event made exclusively available for Ferrari owners, was held here in Malaysia for the second time – two years after the event made its debut in conjunction with Ferrari Racing Days. In an exhilarating day that was once again hosted by Naza Italia, the official importer of the Ferrari brand in Malaysia, a group of eager participants were guided by six professional Pilota instructors authorized by Ferrari.


The course consisted of both theory and practical sessions, with participants receiving a one-to-one instruction and feedback session in a regimented series of on-track exercises. ‘Pilota Ferrari Around the World Malaysia’ highlights the brand’s racing DNA and provides participants a comprehensive understanding of their Ferrari’s capabilities. The experience allows them to feel more confident in handling their Ferrari at high speed whilst also enjoying the thrill of driving their car to the fullest potential.

Participants spent most of the time on the track, honing their skills through feedback from the team of instructors as well as individual video analyses. Taking part with their own Ferraris meant they each received personalized instructions relevant to their models.


“Pilota Ferrari is a thrilling opportunity for Ferrari owners to better understand the racing heritage of the brand. Through participation in this professional course, they learn to master their Ferraris and can experience the full potential of these world-class vehicles. This year’s Pilota Ferrari Around the World Malaysia has been yet another successful event and we know our customers will certainly look forward to its return,” said Mr. Farid Sulaiman, Chief Operating Officer of Naza Italia.

The overall feedback from participants was positive and the following quote from a participant summarized the sentiments of the day. “I was very excited and was not going to miss it for the world when I heard Naza Italia was going to conduct the Pilota Ferrari Around the World course.  Where else can one master the intricacies of the Ferrari but through a professional course led by an experienced team of instructors including some from Maranello. After a grueling yet highly satisfying day, I came away being a much better driver, comprehending and learning how to get the best from my Ferrari.”

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