Porsche 993 Carrera S, refreshed in one shade of many greys


P1050171Another day, another Porsche. If you didn’t already know, over here at #MTHRFKNWIN, we’re big fans of that car maker from Stuttgart. We met up with some friends over the weekend (an impromptu meet, which explains the potato-quality pics), one of whom had just sent his 993 for a new coat of paint, in one shade of many greys, along with a strip job that really gives the old girl a new lease of life.

Produced between 1993 – 1998, the 993 model replaced the 964 and marked the end of an era for air-cooled, hand-built Porsches. It is well-known that from the 996 model onward, the classic 911 shape took on a larger, more bulbous silhouette.

Two engine variants were offered at the time: a 3.6-litre or 3.8-litre flat-six, mated to a choice of either a 4-speed automatic or 5/6-speed manual. The particular example in our gallery is a later model 993 Carrera S which gets clear indicator lights and, if our data is correct, makes some 285hp/350Nm. These are pretty substantial numbers considering it had a kerb weight of just 1,370kg. The car in our pictures has the 4-speed Tiptronic auto-box and sprints from 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds – punchy enough to keep abreast with most modern day hot-hatches.


P1050162Over 68,000 units of the Porsche 993 left the factory over its 5 year production life and across all the variants that were offered. It is widely considered by Porsche-philes to be one of the most desired 911s of all time, mixing both taut lines and with very respectable performance figures even by modern day standards.

Considering production ceased almost twenty years now, availability of the Porsche 993 in the used market has dwindled down significantly. We did a quick search online through most car listing sites which barely returned any results. The ones we did find did not have prices displayed, and potential buyers were instead asked to cough up an offer. In fact, we’ve heard about a few cars which have changed hands for prices that are above the 996 model, with the 993 Turbo / RS / GT2 models carrying even more astronomical numbers.

Someday… someday we hope to assemble a large group of Porsche 964 and 993 models, across the variants for one massive photoshoot. In the meantime, enjoy the small gallery below.


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      Hey Max, sorry for the delayed response. We reached out to the owner; it turns out that its a custom colour – the owner simply requested for a shade of light grey. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help… but do stay tuned to our #startupmonday segment to get an earful of this 993 911 Carrera S!

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