Air-cooled Porsches head to Kuala Klawang for breakfast!



PAC - KK (19)Over the weekend, we were invited to go along for a drive together with a small group of air-cooled Porsche enthusiasts. Unfortunately, we had plans later on in the morning, but while that meant we were unable to go along for the full drive towards Kuala Klawang for breakfast, that didn’t stop us from meeting up with the group at the first checkpoint in the morning. I’m the sort of guy who struggles to wake up in the morning for work — but car meet in the early AM? No problem.

The Porsche 911 formula has remained pretty constant over the years and even today. modern 911s still retain the rear-mounted flat-six configuration. However, evolution is inevitable and in 1998, Porsche moved from air-cooled engines to water-cooled engines from the 996 model onwards. Production of air-cooled 911s spanned between the year 1963 – 1997, across the models 911, 930, 964 and 993 (in several variants) and for the die-hard Porsche enthusiast, these are the cars to have. No surprise then, that 911s in this range have gone up significantly in price over the last couple of years.

PAC - KK (5) PAC - KK (6) PAC - KK (13)As we rolled up to the first checkpoint, most of the group had already arrived. The last time I’d seen so many classic Porsches was during my brief visit to Dutton Garage, and I certainly did not expect to see 14 cars turn up for this 100km drive for breakfast. For a car guy, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing nice cars being driven and getting some sun. 

We tagged along for a brief drive with the group; first for a a fuel-up and towards the second checkpoint before we split off from the group and went our separate ways. Hopefully, we’ll be able to go along for a proper drive in the not too distant future.

PAC - KK (3)

PAC - KK (16)In the meantime, enjoy our full gallery. Which one is your favourite Porsche? Let us know in the comments section below!



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