Porsche’s latest 911 GT3 has arrived; revs to 9,000 rpm and priced from RM1.7 mil


It seems that every time a new GT3 is announced, we wait with bated breaths for its arrival on our shores. That time is now, as Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP) have just debuted the 911 GT3 for the first time in Southeast Asia at Bangsar Shopping Center, giving Porsche enthusiasts in Malaysia a first hand glimpse of the newest 911.

The new car is a face-lift of the 991 model, so technically the 991.2 GT3 and it closes the gap between everyday road driving and racing at the track. Purists can heave a sigh of relief as the new GT3 is still powered by a naturally aspirated four-litre flat-six engine which is virtually unchanged from the 911 GT3 Cup racing car. The chassis has been redesigned with rear-axle steering and lightweight construction, tuned to give the car improved driving dynamics.

“The new 911 GT3 wears an aggressive rear wing, a giant air intake, and also big wheels sheltered by widened fenders. There is no mistaking the new 911 GT3 delivers motorsport-like performance,” said Arnt Bayer, Chief Executive Officer of SDAP. “The new 911 GT3 not only provides impressive performance on the racetrack, but it also offers the best driving dynamics for your everyday driving,” he added.

Just in case you have already forgotten, the 4.0 litre flat six makes 500 hp and revs to a heady 9,000 rpm. Paired to a seven speed PDK transmission, the car will dispatch the century sprint in just 3.4 seconds, but customers will also have the option of a six-speed manual, which manages the sprint in 3.9 seconds. Having previously driven the manual-only GT4, trust us when we say we’d spec our GT3 in stick only. We’ve tested the Cayman GT4 against the previous 911 GT3 and while there’s no doubting the GT3 is the faster, more complete sportscar, there is just that raw appeal from a manual box that it severely lacked. Well now, problem solved.

You can read about the technical changes in the 991.2 GT3 on our earlier post here.

Which brings us to the price of the new GT3; RM1.7 mil inclusive of duties, minus registration, road tax and insurance. Customers also get the option of ticking the Clubsport Package which adds roll over bars, fire extinguisher, battery disconnect switch and six-point seat belt harness.

Honestly, that’s a lot of money, considering the pre-facelift GT3 had a sticker price of RM1.23 mil and the GT3 RS had a list price of RM1.75 mil. However, think of this as quite possibly the last of the naturally aspirated, purest of 911s that Porsche will ever make. In case you weren’t aware, thanks to some clever engineering, the new GT3 hits higher revs than ever before – 500 rpm higher than the 911R and 200 rpm higher than the GT3 RS.

Now excuse us as we consider life with just a single kidney and liver. No sacrificial arm and leg, because we need them for that lovely 6-speed stick. Oh and we’ll have ours in Rhodium Silver Metallic please, Porsche.




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