r3GTI – mandatory mod!


Long before I even owned a GTI6, I knew that ‘R’ lights were a must-have. And so, even before taking delivery of my car, I had already started planning and sourcing for what I would call a mandatory mod. Some of you might not know this, but I’m more of an aesthetics person – if it looks fast and sounds fast, I’m a happy camper. So as you can imagine, getting my tail lights sorted was way up on my list of to-dos.


So high up in fact, that the next day, I took a longer lunch break to sort it out.

My options were limited; most of the vendors listed on a local marketplace no longer had any in stock, and with the GTI6 getting older, most of them told me it was unlikely they would stock more. Most places which still had them in stock either had oris or reps (Taiwan made, 60% of the price of an original set). Since I’m a fairly kiamsap fella and with a mod budget that does not exceed 10% of the price of the car, mine was a straightforward decision.


The lights are a simple plug & play set, so between two guys, the entire process only took 35 minutes. What’s the difference between ori and reps? Well, I wouldn’t know. But I can share that the build quality on my stock burger lamps feel better constructed and heavier that these reps. Nevertheless, with these installed, I’m super pleased. Result!


Ok- so let me first put it out in the open: my ultimate goal is not to extract every single hp from the engine, or have the stiffest most rigid handling hot-hatch around. My car is a daily driven car so it needs to be 1) reliable 2) usable 3) fun. No plans to ever track the car (tried that on the Polo, doubt I will want to in the Golf), so not necessary for BBK, LSD, etc.

Target? Between 230-250hp, with a slightly more rigid rear. Stock brakes are good for everyday use, SSBH and pads would be perfect, I reckon. Most important (and I’ve mentioned this before) — the car must look and sound fast. What else to work on? Only time will tell. My hands are itchy!




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