#r3GTI picks up some rattle; now on the road to recovery



Last weekend, I picked up some rattling sounds from the #r3GTI. I don’t normally drive without some sort of music on (since I installed a 9w7 Bluetooth kit in the car, I’ve been streaming Spotify like no tomorrow), so it was by sheer coincidence that I was driving in silence when I heard the rattle.

It was a weird type of knocking sound that seemed to only happened during throttle lift off. And it is the little things like that can drive any owner insane: weird sounds with no error lights, not knowing the root cause! I sent the car in to two separate workshops by Monday. By then, I was able to replicate the sounds during driving. Had the car jacked up several times – we first suspected issues with the exhaust brackets, or potentially something loose but ended up naught. Bushings were checked, engine mounts, clamps, brakes… all looked fine. We were stumped. With no Christmas lights on my dashboard, it was obvious my problem was more mechanical than electronic.

Could I have been hit by one of the triple threats – gearbox, mechatronic, engine? No real way to tell until I sent her in to a VW service center. To make matters worse, it was very close to holiday season, so there was a likelihood I’d be out of a car for the long holiday season. For the curious, the below video is via iPhone placed on the driver side floor.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I sent her in to a VW workshop on Monday this week and after a day of diagnostics, confirmed that it was a faulty steering rack. In even better news, this is a part that was still covered by Volkswagen’s Extended Warranty Program (EWP), so it looks as though I’ve dodged a massive bullet. A massive RM7,000 bullet, before GST and labour costs.

Credit must be given to the quick work with diagnosing and repair works to the guys at Wing Hin Autohaus in Balakong, as well as to the Customer Care team from VGM who were quick to follow-up on my case. My car is ready to be picked up this morning, so looks like I won’t be a Grinch 😉 Also noticed some scuff marks on the rear driver side; probably got nudged by a passing motorbike. Looks like I’ll need to schedule a session for touch-up with Regal Valet soon too.


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