#r3GTI – shredding rubber isn’t always fun



And the bad luck just keeps on coming. I felt something was amiss this morning, driving in to work. That soon turned into quick realization that my driver side front tyre was deflating. As I was on a very busy road with cars zipping by every few seconds, I crawled slowly to a (safer) corner to stop and assess the situation and damage.


If you didn’t already know, when I run into bad luck, it rains down on me with vehemence. My front driver side tyre was shredded, and since the car was jutting out slightly in between two major exits, I did not want to risk changing the tyre without some help slowing down traffic. Made a quick call to VPMG (Volkswagen Premium Mobility Guarantee) via their 24-hour toll free number (1800-88-8947), and a tow-truck arrived in a little under an hour. The towing guy was quick to suss out the situation and blocked off the road behind the car. A quick change to my spare (with a quick tip to the tow guy – unnecessary, but always a nice gesture) and I was soon on my way. But to where exactly for some fresh rubbers, I did not know yet.

The #r3GTI fronts were shod with 225/40/18 Michelin PS3. Averaging RM860/piece, these were hefty for an unplanned, un-budgeted expenditure. I’ve been meaning to try on some Bridgestone Potenza RE003; said to be decent performance tyres for the MK6 GTI, and at RM600/piece, carried a more reasonable price tag. However, the last time I attempted to find a set of these, I came up empty handed as it turned out there was a shortage of RE003s across Malaysia.

But never try, never know – so I decided to reach out to Bridgestone Malaysia (thanks Tammy, Ken!) who were instrumental with helping to locate a dealer closest to me, who had stock of RE003 in my size. From there on, it was a pretty straightforward affair, getting the fresh rubbers installed.

Not much in terms of first impressions yet, as I haven’t had any proper drive time in these yet, but my front end does feel a bit lighter for some reason. Once the #r3GTI’s steering rack issue has been resolved (ETA early Jan 2016), we’ll definitely need to head for the hills to see how she drives.



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