Range Rover Evoque STARTECH debuts at Naza Merdeka Auto Fair 2016


Startech_Evoque_004Naza-Brabus, the exclusive sole distributor of Brabus-tuned cars and Brabus performance parts in Malaysia, has taken the opportunity to showcase its STARTECH REFINEMENT program with the local debut of the Range Rover Evoque STARTECH.

STARTECH is a BRABUS Group company, which their major aim is to refine vehicles under their own sporty-elegant design program. Beginning with the Range Rover Evoque model, the product lineup includes custom-designed 21-inch forged wheels, a ride-height kit that lowers its stance by 35 millimeters, a sport exhaust system and high-class interior options. Additional innovative products such as engine tuning as an example, are currently under development.



For the three-door and five-door Evoque the STARTECH designers have developed a styling program designed predominantly for on-road operation. Its design transforms the Evoque with a car-like stature designed with urban looks in mind. For this purpose new fasciae were designed for the front and rear which replaces the production bumpers in their entiety. The nose of the crossover receives a more dynamic profile with the striking air inlets and the front spoiler that seems to “float” in the STARTECH fascia. In terms of aerodynamics, the shape was fine-tuned with wind tunnel testing to further reduce lift on the front axle, which benefits directional stability at high speeds.

The new STARTECH rear fascia impresses with more than just an integrated diffuser: the new rear fascia also features distinctive STARTECH tailpipes that can be combined with the production exhaust or with the STARTECH stainless-steel rear muffler. The upper edge of the Evoque’s rear hatch hasn’t been ignored either; the STARTECH rear wing rounds out the sport-motif appearance of the refined Range Rover Evoque and furthermore minimizes lift at the rear axle at high speed. And to further attest to its quality, all body components are manufactured from high-grade Pur-R-Rim plastics.


Another focus of the STARTECH REFINEMENT program for the Evoque and upcoming models is on the interior. The program includes attractive accessories such as an ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel, aluminum pedals, foot rest and shifter. As each customer has their own tastes, STARTECH also fulfills any special requests for custom interiors. Its upholstery shop supplied with the finest leather, Alcantara, with complementing wood or carbon-fiber trim sets is capable of transforming the interior decor in any desired color, with any upholstery design per customer request.

With the STARTECH REFINEMENT design program for the new Range Rover Evoque is predominantly intended for on-road use, suspension engineers at START TECH have developed three-piece wheels named the Monostar R, with a diameter of 21 inches. These wheels in size 9Jx21 are especially light and yet extremely rigid thanks to the use of high-tech forging technology. The five-spoke design also sets itself apart with its unusual black-painted wheel spider with polished contours. In addition, these exclusive wheels are mounted with high-performance street tires in size 265/40 R21.




Alternatively, STARTECH will equip the Evoque with one-piece, cast Monostar R wheels in sizes 9Jx20 or 9Jx22 in the future. The STARTECH sport springs are specifically calibrated for use with sporty low-profile tires and the standard Range Rover Evoque shocks, and are available for all Evoque models with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. The lowered center of gravity gives the vehicle even safer and more dynamic handling. For those craving for more performance out of their Evoques, The STARTECH performance kit for the 2.0-liter S14 gasoline engine that normally produces 240 hp is already in the final stages of development, with further tuning kits will follow.

Browse thru our galleries below of the STARTECH Range Rover Evoque on display during the Naza Merdeka Auto Fair 2016.


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