RAUH-Welt Begriff – RWB Kuala Lumpur build #1


RWBKL Miyabi_9The weekend was an exciting one. On one end, we had Malaysia’s first KL City Grand Prix, which saw GT3 cars race through the heart of the city. But tucked away at another corner of the city was a RWB car build that saw a healthy amount of enthusiasts turn up to witness first hand, the complete build process.

RWBKL Miyabi_1For the uninitiated, RWB is short for RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (Rough World Concept), and is a Porsche tuner from the land of the sun, combining Japanese and Euro tuning styles to create a unique style. Although deeply rooted in Japan, RWB has been expanding over the past couple of years, spreading its wings to the USA, Europe, and thru Asia. At the helm of the company is Akira Nakai-san, who first started off his career tuning and drifting his AE86. Nakai-san was later on exposed to the world of Porsches, and the rest as they say is history.

RWBKL Miyabi_4Before the build process commences, Nakai-san sits down with his customers (or on this case, three owners of the base Porsche 964 Cabriolet) to get a sense of their style and driving purpose. All RWB builds feature new front and rear bumpers, fenders, side-skirts, and wing. These parts are first shipped to the customer to be painted and prepped prior to Nakai-san’s arrival.

Watching Akira Nakai work is a mesmerizing thing. Right from the start, you can sense his immense focus to the task at hand. Despite the sizable crowd that gathered every day to watch him work, he was unfazed, never distracted. He stops for the occasional cigarette break, and even then he seems always to be deep in thought. Fans approach him, gingerly at first, for a picture, an autograph, and Nakai-san is always accommodates. And then he gets back to the task at-hand, again with 100% intensity. This man is a machine.

RWBKL Miyabi_3RWBKL Miyabi_7By Sunday evening, the car’s build is complete, but Nakai-san has yet to give her a name. If you don’t already know, all RWB cars receive personal names from Akira Nakai himself. His first Porsche 930 was named “Stella Artois”; Nakai-san is known for his love of the beer. This particular car may carry the RWB DNA, but it is clear that this build is a more subdued one. There is no crazy three layer wing, no plastic windows, and the bumpers, although low, accommodate local roads.

Miyabi“, he finally says. Yes, I had to Google it up. In the Japanese dictionary, “Miyabi” can be translated to “elegance” or “refinement”, but it can sometimes refer to a “heart breaker”.  And yes, I think the name hits a spot.

Miyabi is the first RWB to be built in Kuala Lumpur, but is actually the fifth car built in Malaysia. Its clear that RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF is increasing its presence, especially so in Malaysia. Perhaps a RWB trackday at Sepang soon? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time… 😉


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