Smoke, Fire and that screaming V12!


I do admit as a purist that having to see a souped-up Lamborghini Murcielago just to go sideways is something that is quite unorthodox, but it’s not a bad thing because this car is pretty damn insane (in a very good way that is)!driftlambo

This V12 drift lambo belongs to professional drifter, Daigo Saito, who usually can be seen drifting in the Japan-only D1 Grand Prix in a Toyota Mark II JZX 90, Mark II JZX 100 and a JZX 100 Chaser. He then competed in the Formula Drift series in the U.S.A with his 1000 hp Lexus SC430 drift yacht, and recently campaigned a 1200 hp Nissan GT-R in April 2015 at the Formula DRIFT Streets of Long Beach event, and for the rest of the 2015 Formula DRIFT USA season. But none of these cars are as loony as his drift Lamborghini.

This fighting bull is built by Liberty Walk and Phat Five racing. Its AWD drivetrain has been converted to RWD where all of its 650hp power goes to the business end of this one of a kind Murcielago.

I’ll just stop typing and let the video do the talking.


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