Spotted: Latest 911 GT3RS en-route to new homes?


991 GT3RS delivery_2

I guess by now, it’s pretty clear we love Porsche’s 991 GT3RS. I mean, what’s not to like? They look absolutely phenomenal. In fact, the car was only just launched locally some two months back, and even more recently that we spent some quality time getting to know the car better. Imagine our delight when, earlier this evening, we run in to not one, not two, but four GT3RS-es, all stacked up!

We’re guessing that these cars are en-route to be delivered to the homes of their new owners. We know that 2015’s 20+ allocation for the GT3RS has long been snapped up, so to the lucky few who will have these cars sitting in their driveways in the morning, here’s a hearty congratulations from us all at #MTHRFKNWIN 🙂

991 GT3RS delivery_1


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