Spotted: Liberty Walk DAIHATSU COPEN GT-K is Baby GT-R on ‘roids


Our regular weekend breakfast commute has gotten quite interesting recently. Just two weekends back, we spotted a super Alfa Romeo SZ. Last week, the flavour turns distinctly Japanese, with what looks like a Mini GT-R, except with it’s roof slopped off.

At the heart of this is a humble second generation Daihatsu Copen (LA400). The car was also known as the “Kopen” — a combination of kei class car and “open” since it was a convertible roadster. It is a front engined, front wheel drive vehicle with a 660 cc 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that makes 63 hp and 92 Nm, paired to a 5-speed manual box and packaged in a body that weighs just 850 kg. So not much power but also not very much weight; which keeps true to the concept of a kei car.

Giving the car several extra shots of flair is a Liberty Walk GT-K kit, which includes over fenders and massive GT-wing. This conversion gifts the humble Copen with the shrunken front end of a Nissan GT-R with incredible detail, subsequently increasing eye-ball status. It’s hard not to be drawn to this car when you see it on the road; it is just so different from everything else.

The LB GT-K kit in this configuration (front bumper, rear bumper, GT-wing, over fenders) will set you back ¥415,800 but you’ll have to find your own competent workshop which can assemble this onto your Copen. A quick search on the Liberty Walk website also shows that this kit is available in two versions (GT-wing or ducktail spoiler) and can be optioned with or without over fenders.

We caught up with the owner (KL) at Petronas to ask for a few quick pictures, to which he graciously obliged. Turns out KL is quite a bit of a JDM car nut, having owned not just this LB GT-K, but also previously having owned the LB SSX660R; the mini NSX with a Honda S660 as a base kei car. He is also the proud owner of a Nissan R32 GT-R, Honda NSX and Honda Integra DC2 just to name a few. Seeing this baby GT-R heading up the Yam was just priceless, so for this you have our thumbs up!

Liberty Walk Daihatsu Copen GT-K
– Front bumper
– Rear bumper
– Rear wing ver.1 (GT wing)
– Over fender
– Recaro seats
– Work wheels Japan
– RSR springs
– Defi gauges


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