Spotted: 2016 Proton Perdana spied on MEX highway


SPY_New Perdana (3)

We were driving back from Sepang yesterday evening, when we saw a pair of camouflaged cars on the MEX highway. We decided to get closer to have a better view, and believe that the pair are Proton’s 2016 Perdana.

Some details of the new car are already available on Proton’s website here. The new car is based off the eighth-generation Honda Accord, and Proton’s website currently only lists the 2.4-litre variant that comes with 178hp/222Nm. We know that there will also be a 2.0-litre variant, but are not sure if Proton will go ahead with the Honda powerplant first, or start off with the NE01 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine (as reported by here).


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