#startupmonday: Porsche 993 911 Carrera S


If the Porsche in this week’s video looks familiar, that’s because you may have seen it before on our website here. Whew, has it really been three long years since we last saw this refreshed 993 model 911? We’re still not sure which shade of fifty greys this one is painted in, but we can validate that after all this time, she still looks good. 

Everything that we wanted to share about Porsche’s 993 model has already been said in our previous post. But true to our #startupmonday ethos, we take it all one step further by imbuing life into the picture. 

Trust us; you’ll want to hear this one out. As Porsche moves at a bigger scale into the world of forced induction, naturally aspirated motors are quickly becoming a dying breed. Already the 991 Mk2 and 992 type Carrera models already feature turbos. A huge question mark still hovers on the future of the GT-model. 

Why fret? Just enjoy this for the now. And please, if you enjoyed the sounds from this machine, share this with the world. 


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