We take a closer look at McLaren’s lightweight 675LT Spider – one of just two in Malaysia


Mc675LT Spider (12)Alright already, yes we know, this isn’t exactly a new car. In fact, the McLaren 675LT was launched way back in 2015 with only 500 units leaving the production line. Demand was so great that even Mclaren’s F1 driver, Jenson Button, was unable to get his hands on one. The brand later produced another 500 units of the 675LT Spider; all of which were very quickly snapped up.

We know already the twin-turbo V8 powering the 675LT is a heavily revised engine from the 650S, making a hearty 675PS/700Nm. 0-100km/h? Just 2.9 seconds. 0-200km/h? About 8.1 seconds. Top speed? In excess of 300km/h. We’ve driven both 12C and 650S and they were ridiculously fast cars. No surprise then that the 675LT is brutally quick, seemingly turned up a notch or two (or three) over its brethren.

Mc675LT Spider (2)The ‘LT’ in the car’s namesake refers to ‘Longtail’ – a homage to the McLaren F1 GTR from the late 90s, and the 675LT Spider maintains the ethos of the original car by keeping weight down and optimizing aerodynamic performance.

Much of the exterior looks are now crafted from carbon fiber, with larger splitters and end plates on the front, larger front and rear fenders, re-profiled rear bumper and diffuser – all of which help to flow air to create more downforce. If you’ve been staring at the car’s arse, there’s a reason – the airbrake is 50% larger than on the 650S, but don’t worry because it weighs less.

Mc675LT Spider (6)Those multi-spoke wheels you see are forged alloys and the car carries a staggered set-up; 19 inches on the front and 20 inches on the rear. These are shod with super sticky Pirelli PZero Trofeo R rubbers, developed specifically for the McLaren 675LT. Under those 10 spokes are lightweight carbon ceramic brakes. Peer into the fixed polycarbonate louvres on the rear and you’ll notice more carbon where the engine rests.

Oh, and that exhaust is now made from titanium – lighter yes, but also brutally angry when you stomp on the throttle.

Mc675LT Spider (5)Weight saving continues on the inside with plenty of Alcantara and carbon fiber. The seats are carbon fiber shelled, modeled from the McLaren P1 hypercar and shaves off 15kg. Air conditioning is optional, but Malaysian cars will most certainly have this option ticked for no extra cost, and a 16kg penalty. For a guy who weighs 90kg, slipping into the carbon shells is not an easy task, but I took that as some punishment for negating the weight that McLaren painstakingly saved.

To put everything into perspective, the Mclaren 675LT Spider tips the scales at 1,270kg; only 40kg more than a coupe and a whole 100kg less than a standard 650S Spider.

Mc675LT Spider (11)So we know there are 1,000 units of the 675LT worldwide – 500 coupes and 500 spiders. From this number, there are only 4 or 5 known units in Malaysia, 3 of which we know for sure are coupes. This makes the 675LT Spider a really rare sight in Malaysia; you have a better chance of spotting a Ferrari LaFerrari than one of these!

An exclusive Spider-only paint is Solis – a deep gold colour with some green hues, but the car you see in our pictures is decked out in Aurora Blue, a special colour on the McLaren palette. Under shade, it looks to be deep blue, but once light bounces off the surface, you may catch glimpses of beautiful speckles in the paintwork.

It is a pity that there are no longer any McLaren distributors in Malaysia. We were looking forward to seeing and driving the 570S and would have loved to view the 720S which was recently launched at Geneva. No matter, we hope you at least enjoy our gallery below!

Mc675LT Spider (3)


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