That’s One Hot Hatchback – Volkswagen’s latest GTI Clubsport S breaks old record


There are no other better ways than launching a new, limited-edition model with a bang by setting the fastest FWD lap record around the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. Setting a lap record of this scale is no easy feat, where it requires a superhuman effort from a professional race car driver in the form of a 28-year-old German race car driver, Benny Leuchter; both man and machine crossed the old start/finish line, thus completing the 20.832 km “Green Hell” loop at a blistering time of 7:49:21!

DB2016AU00363In comparison to the two-door, manual box version of the Golf GTI Clubsport, the net weight of the new “S” version was reduced significantly to achieve a power-to-weight ratio of 4.20 kg/hp. This requires doing away with the rear seats including the central armrest, and a smaller battery. As well as doing without details such as the insulating material, the variable luggage compartment floor, the rear parcel shelf, the floor mats and the bonnet damping pushed the weight down yet further. The weight shavings were also made on its aluminium subframe on the front axle and aluminium brake covers resulted in an unladen weight of just 1,285 kg!

DB2016AU00383According to Volkswagen, the EA888 1,984 cc TSI engine that also powers the Golf GTI and the Golf R features technical refinements such as a water-cooled exhaust channel to the turbocharger that is integrated with the cylinder head and variable valve timing with dual camshaft adjustment. The engineers have managed to achieve this boost in performance by adapting the engine control unit and the use of a new exhaust system with a diameter of 65 mm reducing the exhaust back pressure, with the deliberate “pop-crackle” backfire when letting off the throttle!

The hard performance data of the new Golf GTI flagship are permanently available power of 306hp and 380 Nm of torque. And is able to propel the two-door hot hatch from 0-100 km/h in 5.8 seconds; a top speed of 265 km/h (not limited)

DB2016AU00348The chassis has been reconfigured on both front and rear axles of the Golf GTI Clubsport S, where the rear axle has been revised in order to achieve higher lateral accelerations. The McPherson front suspension has been equipped with specially designed hub carriers that result in higher negative camber angles.

Braking performance has also been improved to provide rear-end stability, especially when attacking into very fast corners. Combined with the aerodynamics measures, this enables the driver to apply the brake into corners in a controlled manner without losing rear-end stability, thus keeping driveability in the positive.

There will be only 400 Clubsport S to be made worldwide, where only a hundred of which will be delivered to customers in Germany. The GTI Clubsport S comes in the same hues as the original Golf GTI: “Tornado Red”, “Pure White” and “Deep Black Pearl Effect”. The roofs of the red and white GTI Clubsport S are painted in black. With that much said in words, more can be done with action; Volkswagen also released the onboard video of the lap record attempt which was actually set earlier in April this year.


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