Updated: Petron Blaze 100 now available across selected stations in Klang Valley and Johor


Right – we have some updates about Petron’s Blaze 100. We swung by the station in Bangsar tonight, and can noticed that some maintenance work being done on one two of their physical bays. Earlier this week, one of our readers also wrote in to tell us that similar work has been done and is already completed in TTDI and Batu Tiga stations.

Petron Blaze 100 (1)

We asked one of the attendants working tonight, who confirmed that the new fuel is already in their storage tanks and being sold – although it hasn’t officially been announced or advertised yet! That means that if you pump Blaze 97 from these select Petron stations, you’re essentially getting the new Blaze 100. And yes, priced at “only” RM2.25 per litre!

But now here is the bad news – we were told that Blaze 100 will eventually replace Blaze 97 entirely. Whether this is only for the pilot stations or across all stations nationwide, we do not know yet for sure. Also, the price for Blaze 100 will eventually be revised; we’ve been told that effective 15th January 2016, it will be priced at RM3.40 per litre; a whopping 75 sen premium over Shell’s V-Power Racing (currently priced at RM2.65 per litre – thanks for the correction KCG!).

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Personally, I am a long-time Petron customer (out of convenience, and because it was one of the few brands that allowed you to convert your points to actual fuel-money), and I shudder at the thought of only being able to choose between the RM1.85 per litre Blaze 95 or the RM3.40 per litre Blaze 100. Here’s to hoping that Petron will maintain Blaze 97 across most outlets; regular customers of Petron’s Blaze 97 who have optimized their cars to run on RON97 may need to look elsewhere.

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