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We’ve been quiet on this site for a little over a week now, as I took some time off for a short holiday in the Land Down Under. It was a 10-day trip, but one that had a jam packed agenda. During my last trip here some years back, I only managed to swing by the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin dealerships. This time around, I managed to swing by one of Melbourne’s finest dealerships; located just several minutes walk away from Zagame Ferrari on Richmond.

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Established way back in 1911, Dutton Garage has a world-class showroom that houses some of the finest exotic cars, both classic and modern, in the world. They are the largest Australian luxury car wholesaler that have both purchased and sold over 13,000 cars internationally. The Dutton brand also has a legacy of auto racing in Australia, and even today are still involved with classic race car restoration and modern race car preparation.

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The showroom features a heritage bluestone building which was constructed in 1861, then later redesigned by world-renowned architect, Karl Fender and that successfully blends an industrial theme with modern luxury – much like the auto-erotica housed within its walls. Melbourne is known for its cafe culture, so its not surprise that Dutton Garage has a cafe inside, so visitors can always stop by for a cuppa whilst admiring the line-up of cars. I wasn’t able to visit the top floor of this facility, but I’m told that it houses the owner’s private car collection under a curved vault ceiling which is constructed from aluminum blades.

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Head downstairs and you will be greeted by a massive workshop – this is Dutton Garage’s restoration and race-car prep area. The space is clean, almost clinical, and is set-up to be able to undertake engine and gearbox rebuilds. This space is headed by Ben Henson, who carries some 25 years experience in various forms of motorsport – from modern GT, historic racing categories, and even a stint F1 racing.

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For car nuts with idle time in Melbourne, I would strongly recommend swinging by Dutton Garage. Tell the missus there’s a coffee joint you want to try, and whilst she sips on her latte, you can roam the showroom. No one stops you for taking pictures; just be mindful to keep your hands to yourself!

Feast your eyes on our gallery at Dutton Garage below. If you’ve been there before and saw other cars and want to share this with us, leave a comment below!



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