Volvo’s auto-braking failed? MD paralyzed after incident? HOAX!


How many of you received this video in your Whatsapp this morning? A few of us in the office today had our phones buzzing, getting several forwarded messages which contained a video which purportedly claiming that Volvo’s auto-braking failed during a launch ceremony and that the man who was hit in the video, supposedly a managing director, was left paralyzed.

To put everyone’s mind at rest, Volvo Car Malaysia has issued a statement today reiterating that the car in the video was equipped with City Safety, however it did not have Pedestrian Detection functionality – this is sold as a separate package and would have been needed to mitigate or avoid the car colliding into the two men. Oh, both men involved in the scrape were alright, none of them were paralyzed, and neither was a Managing Director.

Volvo Car Malaysia also clarified that even if the car was equipped with the Pedestrian Detection feature, the heavy acceleration from the driver could have caused the system to be overridden and deactivated; the auto-braking (mitigation and avoidance) technology is highly advanced and in cases where the car detects that the driver intends to perform the action deliberately, will deactivate itself.

The truth is, this video is several years old and as unfortunate as it sounds, viral videos have a way of staying on the Internet forever!


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