VPCM hosts 2018 Volkswagen track day at Sepang


How do you know when a brand wants to engage their customers on a deeper level? Well, when a brand is willing to host a track day for their owners, potential customers, guests and members of the media, that’s a pretty good barometer. The 2018 Volkswagen Track Day, hosted by Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM), kicked off after the sun had set, making it an interesting event for most participants, as not many have experienced Sepang with the new night lights installed.

The event was segmented into several time slots for participants, with a fleet of Volkswagen vehicles from the current line-up available for hooning on Sepang’s south track. This included all Golf variants (TSI, GTI, R), Vento, Polo, Jetta, Passat and even a Tiguan. Sepang was wet and slippery from heavy rain earlier in the evening, and most of the motoring fraternity had the opportunity to explore their courage, some with ESP on and some without.

Naturally, not everyone chose to test their limits on Sepang. Participants who chose not to be behind the wheel were given the opportunity to get taxi rides from the instructors present. In fact, Jazeman Jaafar, an accomplished racer in his own right, was also present and to give out taxi rides in a Golf R. For the tamer few who opted not to stray onto Sepang entirely, there was also the option of VR racing simulator or J-turn demonstration in a Polo hatchback at the carpark.

We believe this is a great way for an automotive brand to reach out to their customer and wholeheartedly support efforts like this. Of course, we would not complain if we could get more time behind the wheel. Oh, and Sepang full track would not hurt either.


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