We bring one lucky reader out for a joyride in the Porsche Boxster!



This post is a little delayed, no thanks in part to hectic schedules, personal car issues, and long holidays. To answer the few questions that some have asked – yes, we’ve already picked a winner and the drive is now officially over.

This is the first time we’re running a contest like this, so we wanted to keep it as casual as possible. The #MTHRFKNTEAM naturally came along for the drive; to provide back-up, support, and also to get some pics of the drive. We met up first with @munyew90 in Bangsar, then took a relaxing drive towards some of our favourite roads.


The weather was perfect – clear blue skies, which were perfect for some topless cruising (although only for a few minutes before the heat became unbearable). If you’ve followed me from before, you’ll know that one of the roads we headed for would be my regular “test track”. I’ve taken many cars here: Ferrari 458 Speciale, McLaren 650S, Porsche Panamera Hybrid, Nissan GTR, along with the myriad of hot-hatches that I’ve tested before in the past.

If you didn’t already know, our Porsche Boxster S has been upgraded to an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system (from the already optional Porsche Sport Exhaust system), so we naturally headed for KL’s SMART tunnel for a blast to wrap up the day. Yes, depsite the lofty toll price increase, the 4km tunnel run was well worth the money spent.

Our #MTHRFKNWIN State of Mind tees will remain for sale in our web-store at the same price. We’re looking to offer similar experiences to our readers in the future, so stay tuned with us here and you may just be the next lucky one to win a ride with us! 😉


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