We get dirty off-roading – and find out some do’s and don’ts the hard way


Audi_Q7_Offroad_001If you’ve been following us on social media, then you probably already know that we had an Audi Q7 at our disposal for several days. Since we embarked on our short video project, we knew we wanted to film us getting dirty in a large SUV and this was prime opportunity – so we met up early one morning and set off for some roads less taken.

To say we were under-prepared is an understatement. Yes, we were aware we had the power of quattro at our disposal, so no issues with scaling curbs or ploughing through dirt paths. But a muddy puddle led us to one bad decision, and just a few minutes into our off-road adventure and we were grounded. Mud is perhaps the trickiest surface to tackle and it was painfully obvious we did not have the correct rubbers for this. It doesn’t matter what tech wizardry you have at your disposal; wrong tyres meant we had no traction and four, free spinning wheels.

Audi_Q7_Offroad_010 Audi_Q7_Offroad_013We tried our best to free ourselves from the mud by slowly turning the wheels left and right to try and find grip, but only succeeded with firmly lodging ourselves in mud. After an hour of trying, we knew our efforts were futile and set off to get help.

It was a short trek to the nearest construction site and after some shameful explanation, we managed to convince someone with a pickup truck to drive us back to the site to get us out of the ditch. One look at the entry point we scaled, shook their heads, then waved goodbye and left us right there. We didn’t expect to be left in the dirt like that, stuck in an “Oh shit” moment. It was several minutes before we managed to compose ourselves to plan our next course of action.

Audi_Q7_Offroad_012 Audi_Q7_Offroad_015You’ll see in the video that we eventually called for help and both Teo and Mazlan from Triton Tuners Club Malaysia (TTCM), who responded and subsequently came to our rescue. We knew we were in good company, especially considering these are guys who go out of their way to provide aid for flood victims. No one was spared from labour, save for the camera crew who needed clean hands to operate their gear. The rest of the team were knees and hands deep in the dirt, doing our best to free the car.

When we thanked the two for helping us out of a tight spot, Teo mentioned something I won’t soon forget:

“It’s okay la brother, not about the car or brand, we are all drivers!”

Audi_Q7_Offroad_016So if you’re ever planning to go off-road, we’ve made the mistakes and have some quick tips for you:

1. Make sure you have the right tyres – reach out to the experts and ask if you are not sure
2. Don’t go alone – have a recovery vehicle as backup (a few phone numbers for help would be good too)
3. Make sure you have a tow strap or snatch strap – if you do get stuck, you’ll need this!
4. Food and water – at least enough for everyone in the car
5. First aid kit – we didn’t need one, but you just never know

Audi_Q7_Offroad_028Having spent hours getting the car soiled in the baking sun, we headed for home with yet another problem – where to clean the car. A couple of quick Whatsapp messages later, our friends at Regal Valet acknowledged that they would be able to help.

It wasn’t just the car’s exterior that was caked with mud; we had to leave one window open to shout instructions to the driver. In the process, some mud had splashed into the car, staining the leather upholstery. It was the most time I’d ever spent getting a car wash, but Regal Valet did an excellent job of bringing back the Audi back to its pristine state, saving us from an embarrassing explanation to Audi Malaysia.

Audi_Q7_Offroad_035Did you watch the video until the end? If you did, you would have seen that we actually had secondary backup arrive. Rambo Liew was a former chief instructor at Land Rover Experience Asia and he gets behind the wheel of the Q7 in an attempt to clear the path where we were stuck. What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments below. Three random correct answers wins a free t-shirt! 😉

We hope you enjoyed the video along with our full gallery below. Stay tuned to this space, as we will be publishing the review of Audi’s Q7 3.0 TFSI soon.


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  1. Yes. Rambo Liew did it. With correct angle and acceleration, the Q7 will easily pass through the mud. Maybe Vishal did a bit gentle when he step on the paddle.

  2. With some speed and some inevitable tire spin, end up with mud all over the front but somehow managed to pass thru it without any drama, I think.

  3. mm

    Thanks for your input guys! The truth is, we did not make it the second time! Turns out the mud was much thicker than we expected, and the puddle had dried up to a gooey consistency after we’d spent several hours trying to get out.

    @Iylia and @Neuro, please drop us a PM on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mthrfknwin) together with your t-shirt size (S, M, L, XL) and shipping address and we will send you your prizes! 😉

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