Weekly petrol & diesel float prices – single digit ups and downs



FuelPrice_Week1_Apr2017We’re into the second weekly float price and this time around petrol prices see a small increase – in single digits, thankfully – and a drop in prices for diesel. The next price update will be on 11th April.

RON95 pricing now stands at RM 2.16 a litre and RON97 at RM 2.44 a litre, whereas standard diesels fall to RM 2.08 and RM 2.18 for the Euro5 version. Refer to our chart above for the difference in the previously set price.

Now here’s how we’ll be moving forward – you can stay tuned to our Facebook page as we share the latest weekly prices, and at the end of the month, we will summarize the month right here on the website for our readers.


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