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As some of you may know, I have finally pulled the trigger and purchased a mk6 Golf GTI, replacing my daily driven r3PGTI. In truth, the car has been hibernating in my basement for some weeks now, waiting for the completion of the paperwork process. But now that is done with, she is finally mine; and I have christened her the #r3GTI 🙂 Why GTI6 and not GTI7? There’s no doubt that the newer GTI is a more superior car, but prices for used cars are still pretty high around the RM170k mark, whilst prices for the older model have fallen considerably; good enough for me to consider.

Quick first impressions:

1. The mk6 GTI is… heavy. Coming from the PGTI, the GTI6 feels like a fatty. Steering is much number. Acceleration is more lethargic (Polo is also twincharge, so less laggy). I’ve spent a lot of time driving the GTI7 and 7R cars, so the power in this car is slightly underwhelming. In fact, I’ve never actually spent any time driving the GTI6 at all… TSI yes, R yes… just not GTI! Over mamak, playing with the idea of a map, someone actually told me to chill and get used to the power first. What power? Stock car actually feels a little underwhelming!

2. RCD510 is laggy — coming from a Delphi RCD510 which I installed in the Polo, the original RCD510 is actually much slower to go through my folders. No Bluetooth module, so considering 9w7 which everyone highly recommends. May go try to source this myself, and look for someone to help install.

3. Aesthetically, a little plain. I’ve always thought the GTI7 was a little boring to the GTI6 – I was wrong. There are a few aesthetic tweaks I’m planning, just to make her look better.


Mod hotlist:

My ultimate goal is not to extract every single hp from the engine, or have the stiffest most rigid handling hot-hatch around. My car is a daily driven car so it needs to be 1) reliable 2) usable 3) fun. No plans to ever track the car (tried that on the Polo, doubt I will want to in the Golf), so not necessary for BBK, LSD, etc.

Target? Squeeze an extra 30-50hp, with a slightly more rigid rear. Stock brakes are good for everyday use, SSBH and pads would be perfect, I reckon. Most important — the car must look and sound fast. All this, hopefully within the next 9-12 months.

With that in mind, here is a short list planned (those marked with ‘?’ still under consideration):

1. R lights
2. custom catless downpipe
3. CF spoiler?
4. CF rear diffuser?
5. 17″ rims?
6. stage 1 map
7. brake pads + SSBH
8. intercooler + intake?


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