We’re revealing the taxi car for 12th Dec 2015!



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For those who have been wondering what the taxi car is, wonder no more! We’ve thought about it and have decided to reveal the surprise to you all! There are some teaser styled pics, but those with a keen enough eye will easily be able to guess the car 😉

How do you participate to stand a chance to win a ride with me in this car? Easy! Simply purchase a t-shirt from the #MTHRFKNSTORE and I’ll pick one person, completely at random, for a taxi ride on 12th December. Yes, it really is that straightforward. Rules apply of course, and you can read our previous post here for the complete FAQ.

There is only one week left before I stop taking ‘submissions’ for the taxi ride, so place your orders soon to secure a chance! Yes, I’ll even buy lunch, so you don’t want to miss out!

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Remember, you need to complete the below to qualify!

  1. Purchase a #MTHRFKNWIN t-shirt from the web store
  2. LIKE me on Facebook @Mthrfknwin.com
  3. SHARE this entry on your personal Facebook page
  4. FOLLOW me on Instagram @MTHRFKNWIN

** Taxi ride has been rescheduled to 19-Dec 2015; read more about it here.


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