Buying a RM1 mil sports car: What would you choose?


Here at #MTHRFKNWIN, we are dreamers who constantly update our dream garages. Sometimes, we extend our limits by having an imaginary budget and debating what sports car we’d buy. It has to be realistic; because hey, this would be our first proper sports car and we don’t want to get it wrong.

And since we were already dreaming out loud, we thought we would coincide this with our (popular) segment of  Unasked Questions We Don’t Get — what sports car would we buy with a budget of RM1,000,000? We wanted to try and not reveal anything, and since the video’s thumbnail could expose it all, we changed it over several times, just in case 😉

The fact that this video corresponds to Porsche’s 20th Year celebration of the epic 911 GT3 is purely coincidence!


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From supercar spotting on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Won has moved onto the realms of motoring journalism since 2011. He has a keen eye for automotive photography, a penchant for fast cars, and the occasional hunger for munching corners.

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