Caught on cam: insane street luge rider, downhill on Ulu Yam!


Our regular readers should be more than familiar with the Ulu Yam route, one which we here at #MTHRFKNWIN frequent. However, a video started circulating in our Whatsapp chat groups yesterday, about one road street luger. Yes, caught on camera, downhill on Ulu Yam. When we first watched the video, we missed the luger and had the impression it was a go-kart of sorts. Upon freezing the frame, we were caught mouths agape. It was a person riding a luge.

A quick search reveals that street luge is an extreme gravity-powered activity that requires a person to ride a luge board down a paved road coarse. Imagine a skateboard. Now, imagine a really big skateboard, big enough for a person to lie on and pilot. Then imagine riding a street luge down Ulu Yam, at speeds of up to 100 km/h. Yes, completely insane… and also very, very dangerous.

We’ve heard that this also isn’t the first time this person has been seen attempting this from Genting Skyway and down towards Batang Kali.

Safety equipment for street luge includes hard-shell helmet, leather of kevlar racing suit, leather or kevlar gloves and sturdy shoes. While those may help to prevent scrapes and scruffs, we cannot stress just how dangerous this could be if vehicular contact was thrown into the equation.

Street luge is governed by two worldwide bodies; the International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA) and International Downhill Federation (IDF). Would you be surprised that the current world champion (Street Luge category) in the IDF series is a Malaysian chap? One who also picked up the trophy in 2016 and 2013 as well.

While we can be proud of the accolade, we stress that street luging on a public road, especially on Ulu Yam which is populated by enthusiast car drivers, bikers and cyclists, is an extremely dangerous activity which can potentially and unnecessarily put many lives at risk.


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