Welcome to driving in the ‘new normal’ — has MCO reduced the common Malaysian’s driving abilities?


It has been some time since most of us have gone out for a drive. With our Movement Control Order (MCO) now slightly relaxed with the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), Malaysians are now able to drive further than 10 km from their homes. Like many others, we have started going back in to office in rotation. And while the roads remain relatively free of congestion, has seen a significant increase of traffic when compared to MCO times.

Here’s what we’ve noticed: MCO period seems to have introduced rot in the driving (and parking) abilities of many common Malaysians. Yes, there are fewer cars on the roads and with plenty of parking lots available, why not park within the lines? Even with fewer cars on the roads, shouldn’t you continue to maintain use of your turn signals appropriately? Does MCO or CMCO mean it is okay to drive against traffic? Okay, so there are no cars ahead of you, why is there such a huge desire to read your phone? You can do that when stationary.

And for goodness sake, why are so many cars straying into other lanes? What happened to keeping within your own lane!?


1. Park inside the box, even if there are no cars nearby
2. Despite fewer cars on the roads, continue to use your signal indicators
3. No, you cannot drive against traffic
4. Keep within your lane and be alert to vehicles around you
5. In no hurry? Drive slow in the left and/or middle lanes
6. In MCO and CMCO times, you still cannot use your phone to text/watch videos
7. Can’t take all that BS above? Just woosa and let it go

Look, while many of us are #stayhome to #staysafe, let’s also remember to #driveproperly. After all, getting into accidents while on the road just puts yourself, and others, at unnecessary and increased risk. Yes, we know we’re a grumpy uncle in the video below. We can’t be the only one, surely?


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